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Perth Military Modelling Site
Perth Military Modelling Site (PMMS) resides in Perth, Western Australia.
The site is bought to you to share ideas, techniques and hopefully provide up to date product information and in depth kit reviews as a service to all modellers.
Given the constraints of time and budget the site is devoted to the scales 1:48, 1:35 and larger Military Vehicles from eras WWI to present and some aircraft that have a direct working relationship with ground forces such as helicopters and liaison aircraft (in 1:35 only).
Synonym for plastic modeling kits. Creator of powerful brands.
Ever since it appeared on the market, Revell has featured a spectacular, diversified and high-quality range of products designed to satisfy the most varied demands and skill levels of modelers throughout the world.
Revell's core business today is still in plastic modeling, an area in which Revell places a high priority on attention to detail and accuracy, high quality, perfect workmanship and a large selection of models. The wide range of products including models in the land, sea, air and science fiction categories has everything a modeling enthusiast could wish for – from beginner to professional level. The portfolio is rounded out with a comprehensive airbrush and accessory program to give the model a perfect finish.
Trumpeter Model Compani
Dear Modelers! After many years of development, Trumpeter is now an internationally recognized injection molded plastic model kit manufacturer. We have progressed rapidly in the tooling and production of unique subjects in excellent detail and quality and wish to thank everyone for their enthusiastic support and response.
Our goal is to continue to produce top-quality model kits with world-wide appeal. Subjects will include prototypes from Asia, Europe, the USA and more in order to satisfy the demands of modelers across the globe. We welcome your comments on our kits through our email address on this web site, as we are always interested in finding out whether we can improve on our products or whether there are suggestions for subjects which we could consider tooling. There is a bright future in modeling from Trumpeter to you!

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